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Part 1 : Really Bad MLS photos

Really Bad MLS Photos

This post is the first of a series of bad MLS photos that are out there. There are so many, the only way to truly teach and entertain with these photos is to create an article series. The minute one disappears another 10 appear so this series can prove to be like the neverending story. So let’s take a look at this first series of bad MLS photos to learn what not to include in your listing.

The First Impression of Your Home : Photos

Buyers began their home shopping experience by browsing homes online. The first glimpse of your home they see are the photos. It is based on the photos that they decide whether or not they are going to go see a home or not. So, needless to say, it is supremely important to take and post really great photos of your home in order to attract buyers. If you have listed your home with a Realtor® make sure that part of their marketing package includes professional pictures. If you are selling For Sale By Owner (FSBO) pay a real estate photographer to take pictures or click here to get free professional photos or take them yourself using the tips included in this article : Attract Buyers with Photos That Impress.

If buyers are not impressed by the photos, there is a high chance they will skip out on seeing your house all together. If you are serious about selling then you need to have qualified buyers coming by as often as possible until your home is under contract.

For a moment let’s have some fun and  put you in the buyer’s shoes. Take a look at the MLS photos below and ask yourself if you would want to see any of these homes?

What the Mess?

Want to sell your house? Rule #1, clean up your mess!
Would you want to see this house? Looking at the picture is hard enough, imagine what the actual house looks and smells like?!

People in MLS Photos = Not a Good Idea

Another photo that can use some cleaning up and better crop.
The crop on this photo and the filthy roof is bad enough, but the icing on the cake is the shirtless man and his friend in the background. A pressure cleaned roof, a better crop and cars and people out of the way would make this picture a lot more inviting.

A Picture is Worth One Word, Maybe Two


This picture is one of the MLS pictures on a $350K listing. It is pretty much useless. It doesn’t help the buyer understand much about the house except that there is wooden railing on the stairs. These are details that the buyer will see during visit in fact and which they don’t need to see during a virtual visit. MLS pictures need to show off the house, and whet the buyer’s appetite for a showing.

No They Din’t!

Image courtesy of

Well yes, they did, they did drag what appears to be a body out of the picture. But they din’t (‘poetic’ license used here) clean this room up before posting this disgusting picture.  Why would anybody in their right mind post such a picture of a house for sale? Makes you wonder if they really want to sell or not.

You May Love Teddy, but Will a Buyer?


You might think this is cute, and it kind of is, but it is better left for having fun with friends. You can be creative but be creative in a way that attracts, not detracts from your home.

The Hand in the Mirror

Nice phone!

The hand in the mirror and the angle of this picture are simply terrible. If you don’t know how to photograph, spend the $100 and hire a professional photographer. It is not a lot of money and worth every single penny.


Homeowners that are selling themselves (FSBOs) or unfortunately, Realtors® (which is worse!), sometimes choose to skimp on important things like great MLS pictures for a listing and these bad MLS photos are the result. It is unfortunate because a great set of photos doesn’t cost that much and they make a really big difference.

In order to sell your house the key is to have as many people as possible coming by to the see the house. And in order to make that happen along with getting the price right, you have to get the pictures right too!

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