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I love real estate and part of being a good REALTOR® is being a knowledgeable one. I make a point of taking professional development courses as often as possible. I also read a lot and study market trends. The result of this is that I have acquired specialized knowledge which I use every day and which I also share with various media outlets.

I have been quoted in the Buy Side from the Wall Street Journal, U.S. News and World Report and several other publications which are named below. As I am featured in others, I will continue to update this list so that it remains current.

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The Best Places to Retire in Florida

U.S. News and World Report

Date Published : 2024-04-01
Written By : Josephine Nesbit
Quotes :

“Florida is a retirement paradise because of the leisurely laid-back lifestyle, the sunshine and the financial benefits,” says Desiree Avila, a real estate agent in south Florida with a senior real estate specialist designation…. Visit the article for the full quote.

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A landmark verdict sent shockwaves through the real estate world. Here's how agents are adapting.

The Business Journals

Date Published : 2023-12-18
Written By : Andy Medici
Quotes :

Desiree Avila, a Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based Realtor, said while she has always clearly outlined how commissions are split between the seller and the buyer in deals she works on, she’s also revamped how she presents those commissions, including emphasizing why they are valuable.

While sellers can choose whether or not to pay the buyer’s agent, one factor to now consider is how many buyers will be able to purchase a home if they also have to pay commission fees. She cited as an example a couple who had saved enough to buy a house but not enough to pay a buyer’s agent to help them through the process of purchasing the house they decide they want to buy. The seller of that house loses the potential buyer while the buyer loses out on the ability to buy the house.

The changes will result in a playing field that’ll be tilted toward larger, deep-pocketed entities such as investment firms, Avila said.

“When explained clearly, there has not appeared to be a problem to this point. Sellers understand that, by offering compensation, it is ultimately benefiting them and helping the sale of their house,” she said.

Desiree Avila, Meet Oakland Park's Superwoman City Guide and Business Finder

Date Published : 2022-08-25
Written By : Peter Jackson
Quotes :

Not quoted in this one, but it was a small piece written about me for the inaugural launch of the Oakland Park Business Association’s City Guide and Business Finder. See attached image.

Miami building tragedy may change condo market forever, agents say

Date Published : 2021-07-09
Written By : Lillian Dickerson
Quotes :

“Desiree Avila, an agent with Charles Rutenberg Realty in Fort Lauderdale, said she had a client reverse course on searching for waterfront properties altogether in the wake of the tragedy.

“One client, he thought about moving back to the beach because he was living on the beach and then he moved out a little further west. Then after the collapse he goes, ‘You know, Desiree, I don’t think I want to buy that close to the water anymore,’” Avila said. “So he decided to buy another condo in the same area [inland], because the one he was looking at was literally on the beach — it was one of those beachfront [condo complexes], exactly like the one that collapsed.””

10 Basics You Need To Understand When Selling Your House

Yahoo! Finance

Date Published : 2023-04-03
Written By : Jennifer Taylor
Quotes :

Realtor Commission

“When you sell a house the most obvious cost is the commission,” said Desiree Avila, a real estate agent at Charles Rutenberg Realty Fort Lauderdale, in South Florida.

…The costs sellers have to pay vary by state, Avila said. She said Florida real estate contracts specifically spell out the costs sellers are responsible for paying.

Building Wealth

“The settlement fee to the attorney [and/or] title company is not stipulated in the contract,” she said. “This is a service for which each party contracts a title company or attorney of choice — cost will vary.”

Personally, she said she provides clients with a net sheet that has all the known expenses at the time she puts it together.

“So as long as there are no surprises, they should know most of the costs at the outset,” she said.

They’re standard expenses, but Avila said she has seen the following hidden costs take sellers by surprise:

Documentary stamp taxes
Prorated or unpaid property taxes
Outstanding liens or code violations
Unpaid condo maintenance fees
Upcoming property assessments — typically limited to HOAs or condo associations
Permits not properly closed out

“For example, if any owner or previous owner has not properly paid service providers like roofers or plumbers, there can be a lien against the property for the work performed,” she said. “Sometimes the previous title company wasn’t thorough enough and they miss a lien.”

If this happens, she said sellers have to address it or it can be a deal breaker.

Inspection Issues

“Sellers may have to, especially in the current market, spend money on repairs to appease the buyer and close the deal,” she said.

For example, if the home inspector discovers issues with your roof, the buyer might ask you to either make the repairs or provide a credit. Failing to comply could cost you the deal.

Preparing the Property for Sale

“This cost is usually not prohibitive and well worth the investment, as it will pay off when buyers get a good impression of the home,” she said.

She said she cannot emphasize enough how important this step is to ensure you get the most from the sale of your property.

Transaction or Processing Fee

It’s possible your agent will charge you a transaction or processing fee that covers costs such as document storage and management. The cost can vary from $295-$625, according to

“I pick it up for my clients, so it never hurts to ask an agent if they will pick it up for you,” Avila said.

7 things to know as a first-time home-buyer right now

AZ Big Media

Date Published : 2023-04-07
Written By : Terkel
Quotes :

If Buying a Home Makes Sense for You, Buy It

Buying a home is the single most important investment a person can make in their lifetime. The current economic times may not make home buying viable or favorable for everyone, but if the numbers work for you and it makes sense for you, buy the home. When interest rates go down, you can refinance. In the meantime your cost of living is fixed and you have an investment in which you can live.

Desiree Avila, REALTOR®, CRR Fort Lauderdale,

4 Reasons Florida Is No Longer the No. 1 State for Retirees

Yahoo! Finance

Date Published : 2023-06-03
Written By : Jake Arky
Quotes :

Waiting For a Spot

Not everyone has plans to buy a retirement home and live independently. Some retirees, due to their health, mobility or community mindset, opt for senior living options instead. The problem is that now Florida is so popular that many retirement communities have long waiting lists.

“This current generation of retirees possess 68% of the nation’s wealth, so they have money to burn,” notes Desiree Avila, a real estate agent in south Florida.

“I do see lots of retirement communities popping up in places like Daytona (Margaritaville, a 55-plus community). There is also one in Destin. When I visited the Daytona Margaritaville their waiting list had 600-plus people on it,” Avila says.

These long waiting lists have spread across the state, not limiting themselves only to areas like Miami or Orlando.

“Pulte Homes is building several 55-plus communities all over Florida, and the trend does not appear to be abating,” reports Avila. “The Villages in central Florida, a ridiculously large retirement community (about 80 square miles all together — yes, 80!), continues to grow more and more.”

Experts weigh in on the real estate markets in Sacramento, South Florida, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Austin

Date Published : 2023-05-15
Written By : Mark Huffman
Quotes :

South Florida

South Florida is another market where real estate experts predicted a significant price adjustment. Again, that has yet to materialize.

That may be because there aren’t that many homes for sale. Desiree Avila, a Realtor whose territory includes Broward County, says active listings have fallen more than 21% in the last six months.

“The median sale price of single-family homes is up from $540,000 in October 2022 to $565,000 in March 2023, an increase of 4.6%,” Avila told us. “In short, overall active listings are down, sales are up and prices continue to rise.”

South Florida’s real estate market has its own particular character because of several highly desirable characteristics, and Avila says that should help it to outperform many other markets in the nation. So far, the market appears unfazed by interest rates.

“Over the next six months, barring another big event like the pandemic, I believe the market here will continue to be resilient,” Avila said.

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Experts weigh in on the real estate markets in Sacramento, South Florida, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Austin

7 Best Places for Gen X To Buy Real Estate, According to Realtors

Go Banking Rates

Date Published : 2023-06-09
Written By : Angela Mae
Quotes :

…“As a Gen Xer myself that lives in Florida, I think there are a number of great places in Florida in which to buy real estate,” said Desiree Avila, realtor, GRI with Charles Rutenberg Realty (Fort Lauderdale). “Since Gen Xers are closer and closer to retirement each day, Florida is a natural choice. It has great weather, tons of beaches, and no state income tax.”

While South Florida is still a prime location for many people, it’s become increasingly more crowded and more expensive over the years. If you’re looking for warm weather and easy beach access, check out places along the coast like Palm Bay. Other Florida cities that are still affordable and full of opportunity include Davenport, Leesburg, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Destin and Jacksonville.

What are the pros and cons of buying a bank-owned property?

Date Published : 2023-06-30
Written By : Sara Coleman
Quotes :

…“The price appears to be the most obvious advantage [when purchasing a bank-owned property]. If there is nothing wrong with the house, then it probably is. However, if there are a lot of things wrong with the house, what seemed like an advantage could feel to a buyer like fool’s gold,” Ávila explained.

Désirée Ávila, a realtor with Charles Rutenberg Realty in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, warned: “This does not guarantee the buyer against any future claims to the title beyond when the bank owned it. A buyer should talk to an attorney and understand what the ramifications, if any, there could be if they take title as a special warranty deed or other type of deed.”

6 Questions You’re Going to Wish You Asked Before Buying Your House

Apartment Therapy

Date Published : 2023-04-05
Written By : Barbara Bellesi Zito
Quotes :

… Aside from the roof, ask about the electric, plumbing, and HVAC systems, says Désirée Ávila, a Realtor in South Florida.

“I would recommend all buyers ask for a seller’s disclosure,” Ávila says, referring to the document that details information about the property’s condition and history. Specifically, the seller’s disclosure reveals issues that might reduce the home’s value — anything from previous water damage to termite infestation to whether lead paint was used (in homes built before 1978).

A seller’s disclosure is not a requirement in certain states, including Florida, but Ávila says she makes it part of her clients’ contract terms. “The seller must disclose everything they know, or they could open themselves up for legal troubles down the road,” she explains.

… Not all appliances and home warranties are transferable to new owners, but it doesn’t hurt to ask, says Ávila. At the very least, you should know what, if any, warranties are available for your home and its systems and how you can renew them.

5 Reasons Why You're Priced Out of Buying a Home

its Home

Date Published : 2023-06-21
Written By : Rory Arnold
Quotes :

… “Home prices have risen dramatically in the past couple of years because of the low interest rates during the pandemic,” says Desiree Avila, a Realtor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “The cost of borrowing money was so low that it spurred a buying rush and, as a result, prices went through the roof.”

… “Because the rise is so dramatic, it has reduced the amount of house homebuyers can afford,” Avila says. “For example, a $500,000 house at a 3% interest rate for 30 years is estimated at roughly $2,108 (a month). A $500,000 house at a 6.5% interest rate for 30 years is estimated at roughly $3,160 (a month). This is about a $1,000 difference and can make or break a person or family’s ability to buy because the difference is so pronounced.”

10 Tips for Overcoming High Home Prices

its Home

Date Published : 2023-06-21
Written By : Rory Arnold
Quotes :“Buyers may have to settle for less than they originally imagined,” says Desiree Avila, a Realtor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “Nevertheless, the important thing is to buy your first property, build equity, and upgrade. Owning a property is better than owning no property.”
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10 Tips for Overcoming High Home Prices

How to Sell Your Home While Living In It

U.S. News and World Report

Date Published : 2023-05-31
Written By : Kristi Waterworth
Quotes :“Everyone sees things differently,” says Désirée Ávila, real estate agent at Charles Rutenberg Realty Fort Lauderdale in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “Some like to see it with the current furniture while others prefer to see it empty so they can imagine their own furniture in it. That being said, a tip I always give clients is to declutter and depersonalize. Make the house look neutral, kind of like a hotel room.” “The outside is the first impression a buyer will get of the house,” says Ávila. “As the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Investing in making the outside look inviting is essential, otherwise some buyers may choose to pass on the house altogether.” “The kitchen and bathrooms must look impeccable. Always close the toilets and pull the shower curtain,” says Ávila. “Little Johnny might not like to make his bed but it is important that it is made if showings are expected. If the realtor gets a call that there is a cash buyer willing t
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How to Sell Your Home While Living In It

How to Find a Real Estate Agent

Buy Side from the Wall Street Journal

Date Published : 2023-06-14
Written By : Aly J. Yale
Quotes :A note of caution: Think hard before choosing a friend or family member to help with a real estate transaction. Ask yourself, suggests Desiree Avila, a real-estate agent with Charles Rutenberg Realty Fort Lauderdale: “Do I want to work with the best, or do I want to help cousin Johnny?” “Unless that friend or family member is a real estate professional that is an all-in, seasoned agent with experience, that person may not be the right professional for the job,” says Avila. An agent “that doesn’t have the experience can be more of a liability than an asset.”
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How to Find a Real Estate Agent