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Galt Ocean Mile : Exclusive Yet Inexpensive Beachfront Condos for Sale in Fort Lauderdale

How Fort Lauderdale’s Galt Ocean Mile Came to Be


In 1913, Arthur Galt, a Chicago lawyer purchased an 8,000 acre tract of land along Florida’s coast. At the time, nobody could have imagined that a portion of  his beachfront property would become Fort Lauderdale’s prestigious Galt Ocean Mile. In the early 20th century, when he purchased his property, segregation was still in full force in the South. His property was considered so insignificant by city leader’s that it was the only piece of the beachfront that the city’s black population was allowed to use. That all changed, of course, during the Wade-Ins of the Civil Rights movement, but that is another story all together!

Getting back to Arthur Galt…he cashed in about ten years before the height of the Civil Rights movement. In 1953 he sold a portion of this property, including the beachfront, to Coral Ridge Properties for $20 million dollars. This land sale was the largest real estate land deal in Florida at the time. Soon after the purchase, Coral Ridge Properties began to develop the area.

In 1960 they built the first condominium high-rise, the Edgewater Arms. After the Edgewater Arms was built, Galt Ocean Mile began to rise vertically. Today it is home to over 20 beachfront condominium buildings.  The Mile stretches from Oakland Park Boulevard to Flamingo Avenue and boasts the city’s most inexpensive, yet exclusive,  beachfront real estate.

The entrance to Galt Ocean Mile, Fort Lauderdale’s most exclusive yet inexpensive beachfront real estate.

Condos for Sale

At the time of the publication of this article beachfront condos on The Mile were available for the following prices :

One bedrooms :
  • From $229,900 for a one bedroom at the Royal Ambassador to $539,000 for a one bedroom at the Plaza South.
  • The average price per square foot for a one bedroom on Galt Ocean Mile was $312.24.
Two bedrooms :
  • From $348,880 for a two bedroom at Galt Towers to $925,000 for a two bedroom at South Point
  • The average price per square foot for a one bedroom on Galt Ocean Mile was $367.48

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