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Press Release : Local REALTOR® Desiree Ávila is one of only 20 REALTORS® endorsed by Florida REALTORS®

Local real estate luminary Désirée Ávila has achieved a remarkable milestone in her career, earning the coveted Board Certified Professional endorsement from Florida Realtors®. This achievement places her among a select group of 20 Realtors in Florida who proudly carry the title of a Florida Realtors Board Certified Professional, underlining her dedication to excellence in the industry.

Upholding Excellence in the Real Estate Profession

The Florida Realtors Board Certified Professional distinction holds great significance, as Stacy Stahl, Chair of the Florida Realtors Board Certified Professionalism Endorsement Trustee Group, emphasizes. This prestigious title is awarded to individuals who exhibit exceptional expertise and professionalism through consistent excellence in sales, dedicated volunteerism, strong advocacy, and unwavering ethical conduct. Beyond benefiting the public and consumers, this endorsement also reflects a commitment to fostering a dynamic and well-rounded professional community.

Drawing a pertinent analogy, G. Mike McGraw, President of Florida Realtors and a distinguished broker-associate affiliated with RE/MAX Central Realty in Apopka, highlights the program’s importance. “Just as doctors and lawyers possess specialized credentials that empower the public to make informed decisions, the real estate industry requires an analogous system to identify top professionals,” he says. The launch of the Florida Realtors Board Certified Professional program fulfills this need, spotlighting Realtor members who consistently uphold the highest standards of professionalism. Through this initiative, the industry elevates its professionals, instilling confidence in clients, buyers, and sellers as they entrust their real estate endeavors to skilled experts.

Désirée Ávila Shines as Oakland Park's Sole Board Certified REALTOR® and Renowned Community Leader

Désirée Ávila’s accolades extend beyond her certification, as she stands as the sole Board Certified Realtor in Oakland Park, further solidifying her local prominence. Among a select group of only 20 professionals in Florida to achieve this distinction, Ávila’s success is emblematic of her unwavering dedication and exceptional expertise. Her recognition as the “Best Real Estate Professional of 2023,” conferred by the Oakland Park Business Association, reinforces her commitment to excellence and profound understanding of the local real estate landscape. Notably, Ávila’s leadership extends beyond real estate, as she holds the position of President within the Oakland Park Business Association. This role underscores her influential presence and unwavering dedication to shaping the growth and prosperity of her community.

The inception of the Board-Certified Professional program emerged from a proactive effort by Florida Realtors to enhance industry professionalism. With the real estate landscape witnessing a continuous influx of new licensees, the necessity for robust certification became evident. This initiative extends beyond recognition; it establishes a pivotal benchmark for aspiring Realtors, guiding their journey towards unparalleled competence and steadfast professionalism. Reflecting on this initiative, Ávila acknowledges its value, both from her personal journey and as an advocate for the industry’s integrity and growth.

Désirée Ávila’s journey through certification, local recognition, and community leadership illuminates her competence, passion, and commitment to delivering unparalleled service. This year stands as a transformative chapter, underlining Ávila’s impact on the real estate industry and her community.

Désirée’s primary association membership is with the Miami Association of REALTORS® and her secondary association is Broward, Palm Beaches & St. Lucie Realtors®

For those seeking to explore the program’s details, prerequisites, costs, and application process, comprehensive information is available on the Florida Realtors’ member website.

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