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Finding the Right Tenant

Are you looking for a tenant to rent your property in Fort Lauderdale or Miami?  If so, then let me help you! I am a licensed real estate professional that will do all the work for you. While I work you will sit back, relax and watch your rental property generate an income for you.

South Florida is a dynamic place in which to own a rental property. People from all around the country and the world come to South Florida each year. Some buy homes here but many others need to find a property to rent. As a property owner you want to make sure your tenants will pay the rent each month without fail. In order for that to happen, you have to find the right tenants. As a licensed Realtor I have put in place policies and protocols in order to vet potential tenants. This process insures that tenants are properly vetted before their file is presented to you for review.

Choosing the Right Tenant

South Florida’s rental market is extremely hot. Rental properties fly on and off the market at record speed. If your rental property is priced right for what it has to offer you will probably receive multiple offers.  Each offer that is presented to you will be from a qualified tenant. Each file you receive from a potential applicant will include a rental application, income verification, credit check and criminal background check. In some cases the file may also include a narrative. This documentation gives you an opportunity to see 

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